This Awesome Sisal Cat Scratcher Post is The One We Always Get for Our Maine Coons and Other Large Cats

Here is our preferred sisal cat scratcher post for our larger cats. Our Maine Coon mix, Mickey, loved this sisal scratching post. We bought one for him and it lasted a long time too. Our other cat Julius, an Egyptian Mau mix, also loved it. It’s such an awesome cat scratcher because it’s tall enough and sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over or move. We’ve had one too many scratching posts that just aren’t tall enough or just weren’t sturdy enough. Our two big cats wouldn’t be able to stretch all the way and they would get scared when the post would move when they started scratching. Once we found this sisal cat scratcher post, we knew we had found our favorite. It’s no wonder this post is also a bestselling item on Amazon.

What is this post? It’s called the Ultimate Scratching Post from SmartCat. A wonderful name to suit such an awesome scratcher!


Here are the two reasons why this is the only sisal cat scratcher that we’ll always get.

  • 32 inches high. That’s almost 3 feet!
  • The base is 16 inches by 16 inches so it won’t topple over or wobble.

Bigger cats such as Maine Coons need a taller scratching post so they can stretch themselves out fully while scratching. Our cat Mickey would stretch and stretch on this post. When he wanted to, he could stretch all the way to the top of this post.

Look at this cat loving his Ultimate Scratching Post.

This is one sturdy sisal scratching post. It’s actually the sturdiest that we’ve come across and we’ve tried out a lot of different ones. And plus, this is one of the tallest too, giving our bigger cats the vertical distance they need to stretch. Our cats would actually jump on their post and then climb to the top. It’s loads of fun to watch them.

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